Thursday, 24 November 2011

First Blog and Tom Mackie

This is my first blog with Charlotte Stephens Photography.  I have just finished my degree in BA (Hons) Photography and Digital Media at University Campus Suffolk. I have been taken photographs for many years from snaps shots as a youngest to more specifics styles of photography through my education. My photographs are taken from 35mm camera which are developed in the darkroom or at photography shop, as well as that photographs are also taken on my digital camera.  More  about my photography in later blogs.

Last night I was able to attend photography lecture with landscape photographer Tom Mackie  with Caister photographic and digital camera club. The photographs were inspiring. Tom was  taking about some of his photographs being photo essays explaining the place. I would like to do some photo essays in the near future . The ideas  are now flowing after that night. I would suggest that everyone to look at his website which is